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This domain serves as a presentation of Šebestík's family, the both professional and personal ones. On the top, you can find a guidepost, which lead you to particular topics. Firstly, it is explained why we decided for the domain N2.cz. In next part, my wife Lenka shows you her scientific results and a mini photogallery from personal events and from our excursions. Further, my scientific results are presented and there are also some programs which I have written. One of them, Peptide Calculator is available as next item, and it serves for calculation of physicochemical data of peptides and their conjugates.

We would like to have a simple domain, which is catchy. We are both chemists, and thus the domain name have to be somehow related to chemistry. Since it is related to chemistry, chemists can easily remember it. On the other hand, we would like to present also personal stuff for non-chemical society. For that reason, it must be some chemical which is generally known. We have chosen two atomic molecule of nitrogen with formula N2. We have both a czech origin and it led to a selection of ending of this domain i.e. .cz, which belong to the Czech Republic. If you would like to know more about chemistry of nitrogen, you can click on the nitrogen button on the left site of the page

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